Tue. Oct 26th, 2021
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Everyone has a question in mind that when there are so many programming languages ​​available, why should we study C programming language? So now let’s first see what a programming language is. Now everyone knows that a computer is a general purpose machine that can perform many computational tasks. But the thing is that with these computers they cannot really do anything on their own.

So to do something using this computer, we have to instruct this computer. And these instructions that are given to computers to perform a particular task are called programs and the person who is going to write these instructions is called programmer and the language in which these instructions or these programs are written , Is called a programming language.

Now here as a programmer, we will write the program or instructions using the available programming language, and then it will work according to the instructions of the computer. Now C language is one of the best programming language that we can use and write these computer programs.

Now we look at the history of C programming language. Now that the C programming language was invented at Bell Labs, USA in 1972, the team led by Dennis Ritchie and Dennis Ritchie called it the new language and named it the C language, as it was at that time. Was the successor of the existing language. Known as “B language” and this B language was heavily influenced by another existing old language called BCPL at that time.

Now originally this C language was created for operating and writing compilers and then later became one of the most popular programming language due to its simplicity and its features and even to this day C is one of most popular programming language.

Why should I study C language when there are many other languages ​​available like C ++ Java C #? Now you can learn any programming language, but if you should start with a language that should be easy and simple to learn. And C language is simple and easy to learn. If you don’t know anything about computer programming, then C is one of the best programming languages ​​you can use and start with your programming career.

Another thing is that if we learn C programming language then you will have a better understanding of basic computer programming concepts. This C language has signs and dynamic memory allocation and many more concepts.

Now if you understand all these basic concepts of computer programming then you can understand all those other advanced concepts very easily. Now another thing is that if we learn any programming language and once you start writing the program, you can choose any programming language, which is the most to write the program, so you get more efficiency And reliability and it provides high performance.

Advantages Of C Language:—–

  1. The execution speed of C programming language is much faster than other programming languages ​​like Python, C # Java etc.
  2. ​​ The C programming language is widely used in embedded systems e.g. There are very few resources available for equipment.
  3. If You will learn C programming language, then it will become very easy to learn any other language like C ++, Python, Java or C Sharp.
  4. If you know C programming language then you will have a better understanding of basic programming concepts and if you want to learn other languages ​​like C ++ Java or C Sharp then it will be very easy for you to understand.
  5. These languages, used as an “object oriented programming” approach, and you know that if you know C, this object oriented programming is easy to learn with many modern programming languages.
  6. The major part of is written using c. In the programming language and also in these languages, they take a lot of features from the C language and that’s why the C language is also called the “mother of all languages”, so if we learn C, it will be very easy to learn another language.
  7. C is a general purpose programming language. This means that you can use the C programming language to create different types of software. For example, you can use the C programming language to write device drivers.
  8. We can use it to build word processors or you can use it while developing games as well as this C programming language is widely used to develop key parts of the operating system. And C is also widely used in embedded devices, where you know that you get a lot of resources and you need to write efficient programs.
  9. Curiosity rover sent by NASA to Mars has most of the code written in the C programming language for just one example.

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