Fri. Jan 21st, 2022
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UPSC stands for union public service commission is national level exam. Which is one of the toughest exam in the world conducted by the UPSC. Every student aspire to become an IAS officer, because IAS officer has more power than any other government job.

UPSC is a dream of student who is aspiring for government jobs. But clearing UPSC is not an easy task, for that you need to prepare very hard. Difficulty of UPSC exam categories as three levels that are given below–

  1. Number of seats
  2. Syllabus of exam
  3. Difficulty level of paper

UPSC exam is conducted in two phases, one of which is preliminary and the other is main examination. The IAS Preliminary Examination consists of two question papers (Paper I of General Studies and Paper II of General Studies).

General Studies Paper I :–

There are 100 questions in this exam and they have to be done in two hours. The merit of IAS Prelims is determined by the marks in this paper. The IAS Prelims exam takes place in the month of June.

Syllabus Of IAS Prelims :–

1. Current Event of National and International Importance (This topic is very important for Prelims Exam, as many questions are asked from this section. So you need to prepare current affairs and read the newspaper till 20 days before the exam. National and International means are important for National as well as International. For example- (Nuclear Weapon, UNFCC Summits, G8 Summits, G20, SAARC, United Nations Summits etc.). With other countries in India Questions can also be asked on bilateral relations.

2. History Of India And Indian National Movement (About 10 to 12 questions are asked every year from this section. This topic is divided into two parts. One is the history of India and the other is the Indian National Movement.)

3. Indian And World Geography – physical, social, economic geography of India and World (About 15 questions are asked every year from this section. This topic is very scientific so many students are facing problem in understanding.)

4. Indian Polity And Governance- Constitution, political system, Panchayati Raj, public policy, Rights Issues (About 10-15 questions can come from this section. For preparation of this section, read the articles related to Panchayati Raj and prepare all the concepts of the Constitution.)

5. Social Sector Initiatives (This topic should be read in conjunction with Current Affairs, News Paper and Monthly Current Affairs magazine, the right medium for this is about 15-18 questions from this section.)

6. General Issues On Environmental Ecology , Bio-Diversity And Climate Change (This section is quite specific to prepare because there is no standard book for this section. There are about 10 questions asked from this section, so you cannot skip the section that you need to prepare this section very carefully. is required.)

7. General Science (The technology part of this section is not written, but the questions are asked. UPSC treats technology related questions like a current event. To prepare for this section, you have about 8 questions asked from this section. Essential for learning chemistry and biology. 10th grade This is enough for prelims.)

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