Fri. Jan 21st, 2022
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There is a lot craze of Government Jobs in India since many years. So, why there is so much craze about these jobs. What fascinates aspirants to prepare for these Government Jobs.

Well, there are many things which fascinates candidates to prepare for these jobs like there is a job security in government jobs which is a missing factor in private jobs.

In India where the population is around 1.3 billion. So, to get into these jobs you have to be very well prepared for these jobs because there is so much competition. This is also a main factor for the craze of these government jobs.

There are many category of jobs in India like A grade, B grade, C grade and many more. But i will tell you the Top 10 Government jobs which includes IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS, Railway Jobs, Banking Jobs.

I will categorise these jobs on the basis of some stats like salary of that job, allowance which is given in that job if you qualified for that job.

1. RBI Officer

I have put this job at number because of its high salary. If You can qualify for this job then this is a matter of great respect of also. IBPS(Institute of Banking Personnel Selection) conducts exam for this job every year.

If you want to apply for this job then you can apply it from its official website whenever the vacancies came in. IBPS is one of the famous exams in India for Banking Jobs.

Also, you can apply for this Job only when you are graduate. So, you need a bachelor’s degree first to apply for this Job. Salary of a RBI Officer is around Rs.80,000-Rs.1,80,000/-.

2. IAS Officer

IAS stands for “Indian Administrative Service” is one of the top government jobs in India. There are so many things about this job which attracts aspirants to prepare for this Job.

But becoming an IAS officer is not an easy task you need clear UPSC Exam first which is India’s toughest Exam. There are three rounds for this exam. At first you need to clear Prelims Exam and then Mains Exam. And at last there is interview.

If you want to apply for this job then you can apply from its official website Also you should need a bachelors degree to apply for this exam.

Starting Salary of an IAS officer is around Rs. 60,000. But it may increase according to your work experience. Salary for this Job is around Rs.60,000-Rs.1,50,000.

3. IFS Officer

IFS stands for “Indian Foreign Service” is also one top paying jobs in India. But this job is very tough. As name suggests for this job you need to stay in any of the foreign countries.

IFS officers are basically the diplomats of India. So, you need good communication skills also. UPSC conducts the Exam for IFS Officers.

If you want to apply for this job then you can apply from the official website of UPSC. Also you need a bachelors degree to apply for this job.

Salary of an IFS officer is around Rs. 80,000-Rs.2,00,000.

4. IPS Officer

IPS stands for “Indian Police Service” is one of the top rated job in India. The exam for IPS officer is also conducted by UPSC. You need to secure a good rank in UPSC to become an IPS Officer. Specially when you are a general category candidate.

Apart from high salary you will a get a Police Car from Government, a house to stay, allowances for many things. You doesn’t need to pay for your food also. All of your expenses are being handled by Government.

Salary of an IPS Officer gradually increases year per year. But on an average it is from Rs.57,000-Rs.1,50,000/-.

5. Railway Engineer

If you are an Engineer in Railways then you will get high salary, free travel in whole India, high allowance, a house to stay. Exam for railways is conducted by RRB stands for “Railway Recruitment Board”.

If you want to apply for a Railway engineer post then you can apply it from their official website

Salary of a Railway Engineer may increase as your experience increases. But on an average a railway engineer gets a salary from Rs. 55,000 – 1,20,000.

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